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The Vegetable Oil Industries (VOIC) Discloses its Annual Report 2017


VOIC in Gulfood In Abu Dhabi

Mr. Awsam Al-Aqra, Sales Manager, made a field visit to the United Arab Emirates, where the tour included a special visit to the Ibses Sweets in Abu Dhabi, and the Ibses Sweets were among the first customers who introduced our products

Participation in Israfood 2017

In view of the new strategic direction of  the Vegetable Oil Industries Company in developing and increasing the capabilities in exporting its products locally and internationally

VOIC adopts new production methods

Recently, VOIC  has managed to attract foreign expertise towards a strategic direction to develop its methods of  production and packaging .

Registering VOIC Trademarks

Trademarks of the Company's products were registered through Abu-Ghazaleh Intellectual Property to secure legal protection in the European Common Market and the GCC countries in preparation for the entry of the Company's products to these markets.