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The Vegetable Oil Industries Company participates in the Business Forum and the Employment Success Day 2018

The Vegetable Oil Factories participated in the activities of the Business Forum and the 2018 Employment Success Day held at the Korea-Palestine Institute for Information Technology at the new campus of An-Najah National University. The workshop was attended by Fatima Al-Riahi, Quality Manager representing the company. The recruitment day witnessed the participation of about 49 companies, institutions and centers through special angles to interview the graduates to give them employment opportunities or training in those institutions, where nearly 400 graduates participated on the day of employment. Mr. Rafea Daraghmeh, Director of the Employment and Graduate Affairs Unit at the University, opened the day and welcomed the attendance of Technolain, the Ministry of Labor and the representatives of participating companies and institutions, and said that this employment day is an opportunity for graduates to obtain interviews for work or training in participating institutions. Today's activities start. Dr. Maher Al Natsheh, Acting President of the University, welcomed the participants and thanked all those who supported and contributed to the success of this day, pointing out that the establishment of this day demonstrates the importance and necessity of communication between Al-Najah University and the public and private sectors. It is one of the first universities to open a unit for employment and graduates' affairs. The university also aimed to encourage its students to lead, innovate and establish small projects to address the problem of unemployment in Palestine because of the difficult situation. Political and economic. In the speech of the Ministry of Labor, Samer Salama, Assistant Undersecretary for International Cooperation at the Ministry of Labor, stressed the importance of holding such an activity to try to bridge even the gap between the graduates and the labor market. He praised the success of Najah University and its social responsibility towards them. These activities and through the Employment and Alumni Affairs Unit at the University, stressing that the Ministry of Labor is making every effort to address the problem of unemployment through the orientation of graduates and unemployed for what is known as the term (self-employment) or small pilot projects by providing all possible support for those projects..