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A report on the company of vegetable oil factories

Made in Palestine, a television program produced by Palestine Television, which focuses on Palestinian factories. The company is the first Palestinian companies to provide the Palestinian product with quality to the consumer. The Director-General, Eng. Ali Hegawi, praised the role of the media in focusing on the Palestinian industries and stressed in his talk about the company and its history and the products that are being manufactured and that the company meets the tastes of the Palestinian market. The company's logo, a brand that distinguishes it, also praised the role of its employees. Engineer Hassan Zahlan, Director of Production, talked about the types of vegetable ghee, the state of its manufacture and its stages until it comes out to the consumer in the final way. The company is subject to the system of internal and external control, a quality and standards organization, and the company obtained ISO 9002 in 2000 and that the company obtained the Palestinian Quality Certificate in 2015 and during the Acadmh days and will apply ISO 9001.

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