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Annual ordinary general meeting

The Ordinary General Assembly of the Vegetable Oils Company The meeting of the Ordinary General Assembly at exactly eleven o'clock in the afternoon on Thursday 23/04/2020 in the Vegetable Oil Company. The meeting was held by video conferencing technology in the presence of the chairman and members of the council and in the personal presence of the vice-chairman and other members, in the presence of the company representative, the company's legal advisor and the company's auditors. The attendance rate reached 83% of the company’s total of 4 million shares. The General Assembly unanimously approved the report of the Board of Directors and the report of the company's accounts, as well as the financial statements for the year 2019 and decided to distribute cash dividends to registered shareholders on 04/23/2020 with 60% of the nominal value of the share of one Jordanian dinar. The company will start distributing the profits as soon as the shareholders' records related to the distribution of profits are prepared, with a maximum of 15/05/2020. .