Invitation to the regular general meeting

The Vegetable Oil industries Company invites the public shareholding company, Nablus, to invite the shareholders of the company to attend The regular general assembly meeting will take place on Thursday, 23/4/2020 at eleven o'clock in the company’s offices in Nablus, to discuss the matters on the agenda below:

100 personalities influencing the Palestinian economy

The Vegetable Oil Factories Company won 3 personalities from among 100 influential figures in the Palestinian economy for the year 2019 represented by the members of the company’s board of directors, and among them were Mr. Iyad Al-Hajji, the chairman of the company’s board of directors and Mr. Abdul Hakim Faqha is a board member and  Mr. Bassam Walweel  is a board member

Annual General Assembly Meeting of Vegetable Oil Industries Company

The Ordinary General Assembly of the Vegetable Oils Industries Company held its ordinary annual meeting at the eleventh hour of the afternoon of Wednesday 24/4/2018 at the company's offices in Nablus

Consumer Conference VII - Consumer and food safety and food processing

Under the patronage of the Vegetable Oil Industries Company and the Jerusalem Electricity Company, the Coalition of Palestinian Consumer Protection Organizations is honored to invite you to participate in the conference on Sunday 21/4/2019 at 10:30 am

A report on the company of vegetable oil factories

Made in Palestine, a television program produced by Palestine Television, which focuses on Palestinian factories. The company is the first Palestinian companies to provide the Palestinian product with quality to the consumer

The Vegetable Oil Industries Company participates in the fourth recruitment day in the city of Qalqilya

The Vegetable Oil Industries Company participated in the fourth annual recruitment day held by the Ahli Club of Qalqilya on Thursday 14/02/2019 at the Saraya Sultan Hall in Qalqilya City, sponsored by Trust Insurance Company and the National Beverage Company Coca Cola